Nina Dulabaum, Ph.D.

Nina Dulabaum, Ph.D.

Nina Dulabaum, Ph.D.

Tuesdays:12:30pm - 2:30 pm MT [virtually via Zoom] & By Appointment

Professional Summary

Dr. Dulabaum joined the UCCS Psychology Department in Fall of 2020. After graduating from Oberlin College, she served three years in Berlin, Germany, as an international community volunteer. She continued her studies to earn a Ph.D. in psychology and education. Dr. Duly, as her colleagues nicknamed her, has diverse work experience ~ e.g., professor, administrator, instructional designer, consultant, researcher, mediator, mindfulness instructor, and author. Amongst other topics, her research includes pathways to student/faculty success, cross-cultural conflict transformation, the impact of mindfulness-based stress reduction, and the significance of an entrepreneurial mindset in higher education.

Areas of Interest

Mindfulness and resilience, open educational resources [OER], and interdisciplinary topics at the intersection of social, health, developmental, educational, and environmental psychology.


Ph.D. Psychology and Education, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
M.A. Psychology and Education; Minor in American Studies, Free University of Berlin, Germany
B.A. Individual Major combining Psychology, Sociology and Communication, 
Oberlin College


  • PSY 1000 - General Psychology 
  • PSY 3480 - Selected Topics: The Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships and Communication 
  • PSY 4280 - Seminar in Abnormal Psychology: Exploring Mindfulness 
  • PSY 4280 - Seminar in Abnormal Psychology: Stress Management & Well-being
  • PSY 4400 - Seminar in Social Psychology: Urgent Social Issues 


  • Master Online Teacher
  • Performance Coach
  • GRIT Resilience Support Coach


  • Professional Educator License

Representative Publications

Dulabaum, N. L. (2018). The Potential Effects of Stress, Nutrition and Health, Habits for Successful Students {three labs}. In R. L. Miller (Ed.). Promoting psychological science: A Compendium of laboratory exercises for teachers of high school psychology. Retrieved from the Society for the Teaching of Psychology [APA] website:

Dulabaum, N. L. (2016). Barriers to Academic Success: A Qualitative Study of African American and Latino Male Students; Innovation Showcase, 19(6).

Dulabaum, N. L. (2011). A Pedagogy for Global Understanding – intercultural dialogue: from theory to practice; Policy Futures in Education, 9(1), doi:10.2304/pfie.2011.9.1.104

Dulabaum, N. L. (2009, 2003, 2001, 200, 1998). Mediation: Das ABC. Die Kunst, in Konflikten erfolgreich zu vermitteln. [Translation: Mediation: The ABCs. The Art of Dealing with Conflicts Effectively] {revised and expanded 5th edition}. Beltz: Weinheim.

Dulabaum, N. L. (2008). Cross-Cultural Learning in Adults. In Provenzo, E. (Ed.), Encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education. Sage: California.

Danner, S., Dulabaum, N., Rieker, P. & Wolffersdorf, C. V. (Eds.), (2001). Rechtsextreme Jugend: Eine Erschütterung der Gesellschaft? Ursachen, Ausdrucksformen, Prävention und Intervention. [Translation: Right-Extreme Youth: A Shock for Society? Causes, Expressions, Prevention and Intervention]. Leipzig. 

Dulabaum, N. L. (1997). Mediation in der Schule: Konflikt und Kommunikation lernen? [Translation: Mediation in Schools: Learning about Conflict and Communication?]; Reflexionen über den Workshop Kindergarten und Schule: Wir faengen wir an? – Teach the Young Ones Mediation Skills. In Falk, G., Heintel, P. & Pelikan, C. (Eds.), Die Welt der Mediation [Translation: The World of Mediation] – Entwicklung und Anwendungsgebiete eines interdisziplinären Konfliktregelungs-verfahrens. Alekto: Klagenfurt.

Dulabaum, N. L. (1996). A Pedagogy for Cross-Cultural Conflict Transformation: The Development, Implementation and Assessment of Violence Prevention Training Seminars. Dr. Kovac: Hamburg.

Dulabaum, N. L. (1995). Intercultural Education Programs. In Landesinstitut für Schule und Weiterbildung (Eds.): Dokumentation; Soest.

Dulabaum, N. L. (1992). Racism in Textbooks – Racism at the University. Institut für Interkulturelle Erziehung: Berlin.


  • American Psychological Association [APA]
  • Society for the Teaching of Psychology [APA Division 2]
  • Illinois Digital Educators Alliance
  • National Council for Social Studies Psychology Group

Recent Service/Leadership Roles

  • Collaborated with Professor Zimbardo, Professor Bandura and Professor Kuchenbecker: Symposium [On Demand Session] on Climate Change/Challenges: Supporting Everyday Eco-Heroes and a Youth Empowerment Movement at the Virtual American Psychological Association [APA] Annual Convention, August 2020.
  • Designed and coordinated Earth Month Film Festival, serving on the Elgin Earth Month Planning Committee.
  • Successfully nominated Renee Scheltema as the keynote speaker for the 2019 John Wesley Powell Student Research Conference
  • Collaborated with colleagues including librarians, Student Life and Engaged Learning to organize film nights and a three-part series for students, faculty and the community on “Fit For Life: Train Your Brain”- research encompassing physical fitness, mindfulness, neuroscience and health.
  • Spoke at the virtual event: Social Sustainability, April 2021
  • Serving as a GRIT Resilience Support Coach at UCCS, Fall 2020 - 

Research Award

  • Recipient of the doctoral research stipend from the Heinrich-Böll Foundation. Responsibilities included presenting at conferences and leading colloquia on critical issues in higher education. In 2015 Dr. Dulabaum received a special invitation to represent the United States and participate in their convention and celebration in Berlin, Germany: 25 years of International Research.