Colin T. Mahoney, Ph.D.

Colin Mahoney, Ph.D.

Colin T. Mahoney, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Trauma Psychology
COLU 4041
Tuesday: 1:00pm-3:00pm & By Appointment

Professional Summary

Dr. Mahoney joined the UCCS Psychology Department in the Fall of 2021. He is a UCCS alum (M.A. in clinical psychology), and completed his doctoral training in clinical psychology at Idaho State University with specialized training in experimental methodology within the context of behavioral economics (i.e., impulsive choice and risk-taking). Dr. Mahoney completed his predoctoral clinical internship at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA as a Behavioral Medicine Intern, and his NIMH-funded T32 postdoctoral research fellowship at the National Center for PTSD, VA Boston Healthcare System, and Boston University School of Medicine. His research focuses on identifying risk, maintenance, and protective factors for the symptoms and diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance use disorders (SUDs) among women following exposure to interpersonal violence (i.e., sexual violence, intimate partner violence [IPV], community violence) and among men following exposure to combat trauma through (1) experimental, (2) prospective, and (3) qualitative studies. The intention is to investigate these processes to inform, enhance, and develop evidence-based assessments and treatments for PTSD and comorbid SUDs.

Areas of Interest

PTSD, Substance Use Disorders, Women’s Health, Military Veterans, Sexual Assault, Intimate Partner Violence, Community Violence, Combat Trauma, Behavioral Assessment, Digital Health Interventions


T32 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, National Center for PTSD, Behavioral Science Division
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Idaho State University

M.A., Clinical Psychology, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

B.A., Psychology, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Dr. Mahoney teaches undergraduate psychology courses and graduate courses in trauma psychology and clinical psychology.

Courses Taught

PSY 3480 Selected Topics: Violence in the United States
PSY 6860 Cognitive Assessment

Representative Publications

Iverson, K. M., Danitz, S. B., Shayani, D. R., Vogt, D., Stirman, S. W., Hamilton, A. B., Mahoney, C. T., Gerber, M. R., & Dichter, M. E. (in press). Recovering from IPV through strengths and empowerment (RISE): Findings from a randomized clinical trial. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.

Livingston, N. A., Farmer, S. L., Mahoney, C. T., Marx, B. P., & Keane, T. M. (in press). Longitudinal course of mental health symptoms among veterans with and without cannabis use disorder. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.

Livingston, N. A., Lee, D. J., Mahoney, C. T., Farmer, S. L., Cole, T., Marx, B. P., & Keane, T. M. (2021). Longitudinal assessment of PTSD and illicit drug use among male and female OEF-OIF veterans. Addictive Behaviors.

Livingston, N. A., Farmer, S., Mahoney, C. T., Marx, B. P., & Keane, T. M. (2021). The role of PTSD symptom clusters and criterion in predicting future high-risk drug and alcohol use among returning veteran men and women. Psychological Services.

Mahoney, C. T., Zweig, I. R.., Marx, B. P., & Keane, T. M. (2020). Cross-lagged effects of posttraumatic stress disorder symptom severity and cigarette smoking among OEF/OIF/OND veterans. Depression and Anxiety.

Mahoney, C. T., Moshier, S. J., Rosen, R. C., Keane, T. M., & Marx, B. P. (2020). Heightened risk of healthcare utilization and mental disorders among veterans with comorbid opioid use disorder and PTSD. Addictive Behaviors.

Mahoney, C. T., Shayani, D. R., & Iverson, K. M. (2020). Differential indirect effects of past-year intimate partner violence on the association between military sexual trauma and PTSD symptom clusters. Traumatology.

Mahoney, C. T., Cole, H. E., Gilbar, O., & Taft, C. T. (2020). The role of impulsivity in the association between PTSD symptom severity and substance use in male military veterans. Journal of Traumatic Stress.

Livingston, N. A., Mahoney, C. T., Ameral, V., Brief, D., Rubin, A., Enggasser, J., Litwack, S., Helmuth, E., Roy, M., Solhan, M., Rosenbloom, D., & Keane, T. M. (2020). Changes in alcohol use, PTSD hyperarousal symptoms, and intervention drop following veterans’ use of VetChange. Addictive Behaviors.

Mahoney, C. T., Livingston, N. A., Wong, M. M., Rosen, R. C., Marx, B. P., & Keane, T. M. (2020). Parallel process modeling of PTSD symptoms and alcohol use severity in returning veterans. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.

Mahoney, C.T., & Iverson, K. M. (2020). The roles of alcohol use severity and PTSD symptoms as risk factors for women’s intimate partner violence experiences. Journal of Women’s Health.

Mahoney, C. T., Lynch, S. M., & Benight, C. C. (2019). The indirect effect of coping self-efficacy on the relation between sexual violence and PTSD symptoms. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Mahoney, C. T., & Benight, C. C. (2019). The temporal relationship between coping self-efficacy and dissociation following trauma in undergraduate students. Journal of Trauma & Dissociation.

Gorrell, S., Mahoney, C. T., Lent, M., Campbell, L. K., Still, C., & Wood, C. (2019). Interpersonal abuse and long-term outcomes following bariatric surgery. Obesity Surgery.

DeCou, C. R., Mahoney, C. T., Kaplan, S. P., & Lynch, S. M. (2019). Coping self-efficacy and trauma-related shame mediate the association between negative social reactions to sexual assault and PTSD symptoms. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, & Policy.                  

Mahoney, C. T., & Lawyer, S. R. (2018). Domain-specific relationships in sexual measures of impulsive behavior. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Lawyer, S. R., & Mahoney, C. T. (2017). Delay discounting and probability discounting, but not response inhibition, are associated with sexual risk-taking in adults. The Journal of Sex Research.

Mahoney, C. T., & Lawyer, S. R. (2016). Delay and probability discounting among payday and title loan recipients. Behavioural Processes.

Mahoney, C. T., Segal, D. L., & Coolidge, F. L. (2015). Anxiety sensitivity, experiential avoidance, and mindfulness among younger and older adults: Age differences in risk factors for anxiety symptoms. The International Journal of Aging and Human Development.


American Psychological Association (APA), Divisions 35, 50, and 56
Association for Psychological Science (APS)
International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS)

Representative and Recent Service/Leadership Roles

Guest Editor, Special Section: “Women’s Health & Trauma,” Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Polic
Public Information and Education Oversight Committee (PIE-OC) Member, International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS)
Clinical Consultant, Backline

Curriculum Vitae