Research in Psychology

The Psychology Department has determined that an integral part of studying psychology is participating and conducting psychological research.

Research is defined as “a systematic investigation, including research development, testing and evaluation, designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge.” This includes activities which are intended to lead to published results. All research with human subjects, funded and unfunded, sponsored and unsponsored, which is carried out by students, faculty, or other University employees, on or off campus, is covered by the UCCS Institutional Review Board (IRB) Policy and Procedures. All research projects require approval by the IRB, prior to data collection. This includes graduate theses and dissertation research, and honors.

Research Links

  • Sona System

    Participants will use this system to sign-up to participate in studies.  UCCS students can earn extra credit for participating in studies through the Sona system. Students have the opportunity to allocate extra credit earned to any psychology course throughout their undergraduate career at UCCS. 

  • UCCS Aging Center

    The Aging Center is a community-based non-profit mental health services facility administered by the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS), and is the primary practicum training site for the APA accredited clinical psychology Ph.D. program. It is currently one of the few geropsychology training clinics in the nation linking the academic standards of excellence and innovative clinical training with the practical needs of the community. The Aging Center provides comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological assessment and treatment services to individuals 55+ as well as their families, trains graduate students in clinical geropsychology and supports the study of psychological aging processes. 

    UCCS Aging Center Fact Sheet - Supporting Caregivers  Cognitive Care Sept 2022


  • Daniels Research Lab

    This page is for Dr. Elizabeth Daniels' Research Lab - We are a psychology research lab at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. We do research mostly with teens and young adults on various topics including media, body image, and physical activity involvement. We are often looking for research participants.

  • Gerontology Center (Affiliate)

    Welcome to the Gerontology Center at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs! We want to help you learn about aging resources and activities on campus. 

  • Mixed Methods Promoting Wellness and Recovery (MPWR) Lab

    The MPWR Lab is a research team at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs committed to research that promotes wellness and recovery among women following exposure to interpersonal violence, with an emphasis on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance use disorders (SUD).

  • Qualtrics

    Qualtrics is an easy-to-use, full-featured, web-based tool for creating and conducting online surveys. 

  • Segal Aging & Mental Health Lab

    Dr. Dan Segal's research program targets topics in the area of mental health and aging, including diagnostic and assessment issues in clinical psychology and geropsychology, suicide resilience and aging, anxiety and aging, barriers to mental health services, and the expression and impact of personality disorders across the lifespan.

  • Selmeczy Cognitive Development Lab

    In our research we explore how children and adults remember and learn information. Our current research focuses on the topics described below. For families who are interested in participating, please visit our Participate page to learn more

  • Sleep and Biobehavioral Research Lab (Affiliate)

    Michele L. Okun, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Research at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and Director of the Sleep and Biobehavioral Health Research Laboratory. As one of the leading researchers on sleep during the perinatal period, her work also investigates how menopause and aging, as well as neuro-immune and neuro-endocrine pathways, influence physical and mental health outcomes. Dr. Okun has served as a peer reviewer for over two dozen journals and has authored or co-authored over five dozen scientific articles and book chapters.