Honors Program

The Psychology Honors Program offers a unique opportunity for outstanding majors to gain an intense research experience in the sub-area of psychology of their choosing.

In collaboration with a faculty sponsor, honors students design an empirical research project, collect data for their research, analyze the data, and write a thesis presenting their findings. Upon completion of the research, students participate in an oral defense of their thesis before a three-member faculty committee. In most cases, the honors program takes three semesters to complete, starting the spring semester of the Junior year. Students continue their thesis research during their Senior year and complete their oral defense in the spring semester of their Senior year.



Students take part in a three-semester course sequence (for individuals planning to graduate in December, the sequence can be completed in two semesters, with faculty approval):

PSY 3000 [Honors Seminar I, 3 credits] in the spring semester of the Junior year in which students begin their research project in collaboration with a faculty advisor and explore contemporary issues in the science of psychology in class. The Honors seminar is limited to students officially enrolled in the honors program and is kept small so as to insure opportunity for lively discussion and exchange of ideas.

PSY 3100 [Statistical Models in Psychology, 4 credits] in the fall semester of the Senior year. At this point in the thesis process, students are likely to be dealing with issues of statistics and methodology in their own research.

PSY 4000 [Honors Seminar II, 1 credit] in the spring semester of the Senior year in which students complete their research projects and meet as a class with the honors coordinator for 1 hour each week. Prerequisite: PSY 3000 (with a grade no lower than a B), PSY 3100.

To be considered for the program, you must have:

- Junior status                                                       - Overall GPA of 3.4 or above

- Declared major in psychology                            - Psychology GPA of 3.5 or above

- Completed PSY 2110

- Sponsorship by a Psychology Department faculty member

- You will also submit a personal statement (see application form for specific details on required content).

Our intent is to model the honors program very closely after the kinds of experiences usually reserved for graduate study. Students who have completed the program typically report that it was an invaluable preparation for their later graduate study; indeed many report that it was the highlight of their education at UCCS. Through the recommendation of the faculty of the Psychology Department, the successful honor student's degree diploma will bear the citation "With High Distinction in Psychology."

Honors Program Application Form

Application Deadline: To be considered for admission to the Honors Program starting in Spring Semester 2020, please submit this completed application form, along with your personal statement to Dr. Edie Greene by November 20, 2020. Submit by email to egreene@uccs.edu. You will be notified of your admissions status by December 4, 2020.