Psychology Minor


Undergraduate Minor

Program Delivery

On Campus

Total Credits

20 Credits

About the Program

The Psychology Minor is a excellent option for students in any major to study the mind and behavior. This minor requires 20 hours and helps students learn the basic findings and theories in the field of Psychology.

Focus of Study

  • Diverse Topics & Areas of Specialization in Psychology
  • Professional Writing & Communication Skills 
  • Critical Thinking & Scientific Reasoning Skills
  • Information Gathering & Research Methodology

Program Requirements

Program Coursework

PSY 1000 General Psychology

3 Credit Hours

PSY 2100 Introduction to Psychological Statistics

4 Credit Hours

Complete 2 of the courses listed below:

PSY 3130 or PSY 3140 or PSY 3200, PSY 3270, PSY 3280, PSY

3400, PSY 3620

NOTE: Only one course from PSY 3130, 3140 or 3200 may be used for this requirement.

6-8 Credit Hours

Complete 5-7 additional hours of PSY course electives to meet

total and upper-division requirements for the minor.

5-7 Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours

20 Credit Hours