Future Students



What is Psychology?
What kind of job can I get with a Psychology degree?
Are there internships or service-learning opportunities available?
What Undergraduate Certificates do you offer?
What Graduate Certificates do you offer?
What can I do with a degree in Psychology?
If I am a Psychology major, interested in a graduate program, is there anything I can do to plan ahead?
If I am interested in the UCCS Psychology Graduate program, when should I apply?
What is the best way to become a Psychologist?
Does an undergraduate Psychology major require many courses?
What are the program’s requirements for the undergraduate Psychology major?
What are the undergraduate degree options?
Who can I talk to if I would like more advice?
Where can I get help with courses?
What academic assistance is available to me here at UCCS?
Are there any opportunities to join clubs or organizations?
I’m a transfer student, how do I apply to UCCS and get into the Psychology department?
How do I apply to Psychology Department’s graduate program?
How do I apply to UCCS?
Are there options for undergraduate Honors?
Are there any scholarship opportunities?