Psychology Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant Support


Welcome to the UCCS Psychology Department as a Teaching Assistant! The following information will help you navigate in your role as a Teaching Assistant.

Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas is the Learning Management System. The Faculty Resource Center offers training and support. Your faculty instructor may request your access to the course module.

Only the Instructor of Record and assigned Teaching Assistants can access a learning management system.  UCCS Psychology Department staff do not have access to Canvas.

Faculty Resource Center

The Faculty Resource Center provides faculty with the instructional resources and support to explore and implement innovative teaching practices. The Center provides consultation, programs, training, and support.

Extra Credit

The UCCS Psychology Department faculty wants to encourage students to participate in research in order to enhance their understanding of how the discipline gathers information and tests theories. We encourage all course instructors to allow students to gain extra credit (not as part of course requirements) by participating in approved studies. While you will be provided a report at the end of the semester containing extra credit points students have put towards a class, the instructor has the freedom to decide how that extra credit is used for the class.

Due to the number of approved studies that take place each semester in the UCCS Psychology Department, we have adopted a research participation management system (Sona System) that not only allows students to sign-up for each individual study they would like to participate in but after a student participates in the study, they get the opportunity to choose which course they would like to put their extra credit toward. Students are not granted the extra credit unless they actually participate in the study during the timeslot in which they signed up; this is verified by the researcher (usually a graduate student) who updates this information in the Sona System. Extra credit points allocated to your course will be provided in a report during finals week and before final grades are due.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the extra credit system, please contact Laura Chandler.

Grading Support

University policy requires that instructors enter their course grades into the online grading system no later than 90 hours after their final exam has ended.

UCCS Office of the Registrar supports grading issues:

  • Accessing Online Grading via the MyUCCS Portal
  • Entering, Approving, Changing & Posting Grades
  • Roster Issues
  • Incompletes and Withdrawals

Instructional Material Accessibility

Disability Services strives to have students who require alternative format texts and materials to register for classes as early as possible.  This allows UCCS to follow up with textbook lists to ensure that we can meet the student's needs at the beginning of each semester.  However, when textbook orders are late, the ability to obtain alternate formats from the publisher in a timely fashion, or to scan books and provide the necessary accommodation ourselves, is jeopardized.  

Students requesting accommodations must register with Disability Services for support.


You have a mailbox in Columbine Hall 4042 where you will receive on- and off-campus mail. You have access to the department copy machine in Columbine Hall 4042. A copy code will be assigned to you for your use during the semester for syllabi and tests. Other course materials may also be copied for students sparingly as we have a limited copy budget.

The copy machine has the ability to scan documents to create PDF files. There are instructions at the copy machine to use a USB flash drive.

Office Space & Office Hours

Shared office space is available for you to meet with students.  Please let David DuBois know if you would like to use this space.  He will arrange for you to have access.  It is usually helpful to make time to interact with your students before or after scheduled class times.  You do not have to use the office space provided and can meet with your students in other campus locations or remotely.

Scantron Grading

The Scantron machine is in HYBL 465 on the West Campus (North Nevada). The office is open during regular business hours. There should be a manual next to the Scantron machine to refer to.

Please note:  Only Scantron (ParScore F-1712-PAR-L) forms completed in PENCIL can be run through the machine.

Student Conduct

If you have any concerns about students cheating, plagiarizing, or otherwise breaking the codes of academic integrity, please feel free at any time to talk with the faculty instructor.

All students in Psychology courses are responsible for reading and complying with the Student Code of Conduct Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Textbook Ordering & Exam/Desk Copies

We do not purchase exam or desk copies of textbooks. Most publishers have e-books and supplemental materials to review or use for courses. Please have your faculty instructor connect with the publisher directly to request exam or desk copies.