Psychological Science Track

Psychological Science

M.A. Psychology

Philosophy of the Psychological Science Track

The Psychological Science track of the Master of Arts in Psychology provides the student with a solid foundation in psychological research. The program includes coursework in Psychological Science design, research methodology, and statistics. The student will also develop an area of specialization that will serve as a basis for elective coursework and the Master's thesis.

The program is primarily designed to prepare students for doctoral degrees in psychology or related fields. Consistent with this goal, a majority of our Master's students have been subsequently accepted into Ph.D. programs. The program is also relevant to non-traditional students who do not plan to pursue a doctoral degree but wish to become more knowledgeable about psychology and its applications to their particular interests.

For further information, please contact the Graduate Program Assistant:

Mr. David DuBois
Program Assistant I
Psychology Department
Office: Columbine Hall 4037
Phone: (719) 255-4500


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