MA Sub Plans

M.A. students also have the option to gain experience within a specialized sub-field, formally called a "sub-plan."

The Psychology Department offers two tracks within its Master's program: Clinical and Psychological Science. Upon completing either of these programs, a student is conferred a general M.A. degree in Psychology. But M.A. students also have the option to gain experience within a specialized sub-field, formally called a "sub-plans," in the discipline. The sub-plans include geropsychology, trauma psychology, psychology and law, cognition, and developmental psychology. These more narrowly-focused programs specify required courses within the M.A. program, completion of a research thesis under the direction of a faculty mentor with expertise in that particular sub-discipline of psychology, and for students in the Clinical track, a practicum at a setting in that domain. Students who enroll in an optional sub-plan glean the benefits of a more concentrated focus of study that is reflected in their transcripts.

Applicants to the Psychology M.A. program will be asked at the time of application whether they wish to pursue a sub-plan. The sub-plans are optional and the desire to pursue a sub-plan will not affect the likelihood of admission into our M.A. program.

Sub-Plan in Cognition (Psychological Science M.A.)
Sub-Plan in Developmental Psychology (Psychological Science M.A.)
Sub-Plan in Geropsychology (Clinical & Psychological Science M.A.)
Sub-Plan in Psychology and Law (Clinical & Psychological Science M.A.)*
Sub-Plan in Trauma Psychology (Clinical & Psychological Science M.A.)